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Greetings, I'm Sylvia Benoist, a certified Sophrologist and certified TRE provider.

Welcome to my website—I'm delighted you've arrived and I trust you'll uncover all the information you're seeking.

Originally hailing from France, I spent 23 transformative years living abroad.

During a decade in London, I was introduced to the world of yoga—an awakening that brought me a fresh perspective. For the first time, I discovered how to truly connect with my body, ushering in a new chapter of awareness.

In 2003, my journey led me to Cape Town, where I embarked on the creation of a children's clothing brand. Managing this venture alongside my family life was a fulfilling endeavor, yet beneath the surface, I still grappled with the natural anxiety that had lingered since my childhood, a remnant of my parents' divorce. This hyper-vigilance had woven itself into my daily existence.

In 2015, my path took an unexpected twist with the diagnosis of two aggressive autoimmune diseases. These unwelcome companions prompted me to halt my business and reshape my life. A tidal wave of pain engulfed my body, often waking me in tears.

Amidst this challenge, I delved into the realm of somatic exploration. Through various modalities, I discovered that providing my body with nurturing tools like nutrition and stress management catalyzed its healing process. Simultaneously, the intricate connection between mind and body came into sharper focus.

My awareness grew regarding the detrimental impacts of stress, tension, and trauma. Fueled by this insight, I embarked on a journey to unlock methodologies that could untangle the accumulated tension within.

Now back in France, I proudly hold a degree in Sophrology.

I've also certified as a T.R.E. provider and T.R.E. mentor with Steve Haines in London.

I also had the chance to do my advanced training with Dr David Berceli in Cape Town in 2020.

Central to my practice is an emphasis on the body. Through Sophrology and TRE, we're equipped with accessible tools to ground ourselves and rekindle our connection with our bodies. These techniques enable the cultivation of resilience, inner strength, self-assurance, and ultimately, serenity in our lives.

TRE, a method created by Dr. David Berceli, has proven to be a powerful tool in regulating the nervous system through self-initiated therapeutic tremors.

Today, my purpose is to support others on their unique healing journeys. Together, let's navigate the path toward well-being and growth.

Warm regards,

Sylvia Benoist

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