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My two training courses in sophrology and TRE allow me to offer you unique and individualized sessions.

I use both methods to help your nervous system to regulate and therefore help the release of your tensions, stress or trauma.

The practice of the TRE method will allow you to rebalance your nervous system and return to the relaxation of your body and mind.  

This will allow you to be able to slow down and really recover, to live in the present, and not in the residue of the past or the anxiety of the future.
It will also help you deal with stressful events in full control of your means, to the best of your abilities and to access your inner resources.

What happens during a session?

We start with an explanation of the method and a moment of exchange to share your needs.

The session begins with grounding and relaxation exercises, a moment to connect with yourself.

The TRE method consists of 7 simple exercises that we do together.

With the fatigue of the muscles, fine vibrations will appear, we will let them act gently on the body in the lying position.

In general we let the body vibrate for about 15/20 minutes with some breaks, then we take a time of integration, rest before ending the session.

I offer individual sessions for 80 Euros including tax.

For the schedule of group sessions contact me: or Tel: 07 61 20 35 33

The TRE® method does not in any way replace medical advice or treatment.

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