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T.R.E. stands for Tension/Trauma Release Exercises  (Tension/trauma release exercises). A method created by David Berceli in the United States.

David has traveled extensively for his work in countries in conflict. During this time he studied the effects of trauma on the body.

He noticed two important things:

1- If we perceive a danger nearby, we have the instinct to take  the  protective position of the fetus. We take this position to protect our vital organs. This position engages certain major muscles like the Psoas.

2- He noticed that people were shaking after a shock or a traumatic event. It seems to be a very primitive reflex that we share with other mammals. A way for the body to regulate itself to return to a calm state.





Both of these things are part of the body's defense strategies.  

The nervous system can indeed adopt 3 different operating modes: if all is well we are socially connected, if a danger is perceived we mobilize to be ready to act, the last is a freeze response.

All of these strategies are normal and allowed us to survive.

It becomes a problem when we get stuck  in any of these strategies, the nervous system no longer regulates itself.

It can then brings a variety of health issues such as: inflammation, anxiety, depression, PTSD, etc.

During a TRE session, we use these body tremors/vibrations to help the body regulate itself by directly stimulating part of the parasympathetic nervous system to return to social engagement mode, which begins to deactivate defense strategies.

David has developed a series of 7 exercises to stimulate these tremors. The exercises are easy and simple to do.

We are shaking  for about 15/20  min depending on the person with regular breaks.

The tremors are perceived as pleasant and natural.

You will leave feeling more grounded and relaxed.

The method  TRE is practiced in groups, in individual sessions and online.

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